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Three Media Formats Available




The GMRS Operator Course
The GMRS Operator Course explains GMRS Radio Concepts, GMRS Radio Equipment with the purposes of their various features, GMRS Radio Conversations and their Reach, and FRS hand held transceiver usage and their interaction with GMRS.
The GMRS Repeater Course
Operating Principals explains how a repeater works, radio horizon, topography, and obstructions. Preparing for Repeater Access teaches how to setup your GMRS station to access a repeater, and common configuration issues. Repeater construction covers the key parts of a repeater and some FCC rules related to their construction.
The Neighborhood Repeater Kit Instructions
Shows the purpose, components, and build instructions for the neighborhood repeater.
Provides Channel and Frequencies Tables, and FCC Rules for the General Mobile Radio Services. Guide to Registration for the web site Guide to a New GMRS License from the FCC

Family Radio Service - No License Needed

A GMRS (General Mobile Radio Service) HT (Handheld Transceiver) uses the same 22 channels in the USA as FRS (Family Radio Service). A GMRS HT requires a license to transmitt, but a FRS walkie-talkie does not require a license. However both are limited to 0.5 watts on channels 8-14, but a FRS walkie-talkie is allowed up to 2 watts on all other channels. These channels provide a greater reach, so you can communicate at a greater distant apart.


Two Media Formats Available

The User Manual
The Guide to FRS Walkie-Talkies include a standard walkie-talkie User Manual. Use this to learn the operation of a walkie-talkie.
Privacy Codes
The guide also includes a table of privacy codes and the CTCSS audio tones used, so a GMRS HT can be programmed to match a walkie-talkie. Also the walkie-talkie can be set to match a standard GMRS HT. This table allows dealing with any deviations. Some radios designed outside of the USA deviate from the standard.
FRS Tips
The second part of the guide gives tips for using FRS walkie-talkies. Sections include FRS and GMRS Together, Channel Sharing, Power, Antennas, Introduction to Transceivers, and more.