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Well...this is embarrassing, but we need to have the Repeater Conversation

It all started years ago when I built up self-confidence learning electronics engineering at DeVry Tech. After DeVry I got into computers...the Cray-1 supercomputer, the desktop PC, and then the world wide web.

A couple of years or so ago my telephone service went down, and I decided to get a GMRS radio and use a repeater. Then comes the stumbling down again and again. These repeaters...well they don't grow on trees. Oh well, I will build one myself.

I got the repeater controller, a couple of radios, and made the big dive into my first duplexer. It worked for about half a mile from my house. Hmmm...lesson one: you can not use a untuned 50 watt duplexer with a couple of 4 watt radios. I should have know, but I got in a hurry, I wanted it now! I know electronics engineering...I am not giving up...I will make it work.

So I bought a 10 watt duplexer. The exact same model shown online when the FCC certification tests were done for a new retail 10 watt repeater. Then I bought a NanoVNA to be sure I could tune it for the channel I wanted to use. I was so excited...I knew I had it made this time. Then the duplexer came in my mail box. Great! Uh oh! It is a ham repeater. This thing says 422.800 MHz...close enough I hope. Out comes the NanoVNA, watched some youtube videos, and read some web pages. I am ready to go. Looks great, the notch is nice and deep on both the TX and the RX. Here we has got to work this time! Noisy as hell, only works a quarter of a mile.

This is taking too much time and money. Sure...I could eventually pay money hand over fist...right? Well time to throw in the towel on the home brew repeater.

Don't worry I will find a new one. A year later I decided to do it the easy way, and get back to making web sites, like I bought a new repeater. It works! There a link to it inside the members' free PDF for the Neighborhood GMRS Repeater Kit, available to members at And registration is still free for now. Then I wrote a repeater course and an operator course for GMRS. I have used GMRS and understand it, follow the rules, because I read them. I understand electronics engineering, so I took the rules, and wrote a guide on how to really use GMRS effectively.

Finally I hit the home run! I already have published books. I guess the moral of the story is stick with what you are good at, understand, and have practiced! Note: The picture of the GMRS tuned antenna on the front of my Kindle book is on my working repeater. A link to the antenna is also found in the free PDF for the Neighborhood GMRS Repeater Kit at

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